Housing Counseling in Georgia

Georgia housing counseling services are available for free or at a reduced cost to residents in need. Housing counseling in Georgia is useful for residents who are purchasing their first homes, or who need assistance in financing options for homes they already own. Residents who wish to talk to a housing counselor can find a local agency approved by the HUD to make an appointment with a counselor. GA housing counseling agencies recommended by the HUD must offer free or reduced-cost counseling for residents who can display the inability to pay for services and the need for counseling. Home buying counseling is one of the most utilized counseling services, because first-time home buyers can discuss financing options and the economic impact a home purchase can have on a family. Free home buyer counseling is also available at local seminars and educational centers for residents who need to learn more about refinancing or reverse mortgages. Download our free guide to review more details about housing counseling in Georgia. Browse information about home buying counseling in GA, the services available and why they are helpful for residents in the below sections.

Why Housing Counseling in Georgia is Important

Georgia housing counseling services are helpful for residents throughout the state, because they assist them in making informed and smart financial choices related to housing. After residents talk to a housing counselor, they feel more educated about financial options, and can make decisions about housing purchases more confidently. Housing counseling in Georgia is offered at many HUD-approved agencies for free or at a low cost, making it an affordable option for all residents who need assistance and advice.

The housing counseling agencies enrolled in HUD’s Housing Counseling Program are required to offer free services for foreclosure avoidance and homeless prevention to all residents who can express a need for assistance. If a fee is charged by the house counseling agency in GA, it must be affordable, customary and the fee structure must be discussed with the potential client before counseling begins. Housing agencies that charge fees to residents who use their services can only do so for additional services that do not include foreclosure prevention or imminent counseling for those dealing with homelessness. To learn more about housing counseling in Georgia, download our free, informative guide.

Georgia Housing Counseling Services

Georgia residents who wish to talk to a housing counselor should first identify what they need assistance with before choosing an agency. Georgia housing counseling agencies approved by the HUD are available throughout the state, and each agency offers different services and educational opportunities. Home buying counseling is offered through many local agencies that are under contract with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Some home buyer counseling education classes are required before buyers qualify for certain types of home loans. Foreclosure prevention housing counseling in Georgia is also available at most agencies free-of-charge for residents who can prove they have financial need. These house counseling services are accessible to residents who need assistance understanding refinance and loan modification options available to them, including FHA loans. Housing counseling services in GA that relate to foreclosure avoidance may be available by phone 24 hours a day for residents who need advice fast. Learn more about what GA housing counseling entails by downloading our complimentary guide.

Specific Georgia housing counseling agencies are also available for residents who are considering reverse mortgages. Housing counseling services approved by the HUD can assist homeowners who need to know the pros and cons of completing a reverse mortgage before agreeing to terms. Reverse mortgages can be costly mistakes made by homeowners if they do not fully understand the terms and conditions of the financial actions taken before signing paperwork. When residents talk to a housing counselor, they can make clearer choices to benefit their families and financial futures. 

Home counseling services in GA also include educational seminars and helpful advice for new homebuyers who feel the strain of additional financial responsibilities. These home buying counseling sessions for new homeowners may be free or may have a fee associated with them, depending on the HUD-approved agency. Some home consulting agencies can also offer advice and assistance for rental homes, including finding affordable housing to rent or reviewing the consequences of breaking a lease. HUD-approved housing counseling agencies in Georgia that offer rental services may charge a nominal fee to a resident, unless the resident can demonstrate that he or she does not have the money to pay for counseling.

How to Talk to a Housing Counselor in GA

A list of HUD-approved Georgia housing counseling agencies can be found online or by phone. Some home-buying counseling sessions can take place on the phone at the time of the resident’s call, without making an appointment. However, many GA home counseling services require an appointment and a visit to the office to speak with a counselor in person. Residents who want housing counseling services should first identify the type of counseling they need, locate local counseling agencies that are approved by the HUD (and specialize in the specific subject matter) and contact the agencies to receive counseling.

To talk to a housing counselor in-depth about a financial situation, the expert may need a resident to provide financial documents, including current mortgage or rent statements and paycheck stubs. This may require an in-person home counseling session at the office, or the expert may offer the option to fax or e-mail documents for the resident’s convenience. To find out more about how to receive housing counseling services for free or at a reduced cost through HUD-approved agencies, download our comprehensive guide.