Department of Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) in Georgia

Veterans housing assistance programs in Georgia provide help for homeless, mentally-ill or otherwise at-risk veterans in need of housing stability. Veterans may wonder, “What is the HUD VASH program and how can it help me?” This HUD for veterans program was launched when the Veterans Administration (VA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) came together to create a solution to the problems facing chronically homeless veterans. Like other HUD housing programs, HUD-VASH uses federally funded vouchers to provide rental assistance. With HUD-VASH, veterans also receive help from the VA’s supportive housing case management team, which may include drug or alcohol treatment programs, mental health counseling, financial management counseling and other social services. Thus, the HUD-VASH veterans housing assistance program provides safe, stable housing while proactively working to solve the problems that contribute to veteran homelessness in Georgia. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of the HUD housing program for veterans and find out how to apply for HUD VASH in Georgia.

HUD VASH Benefits in Georgia

Participation in this HUD housing program can provide a way out of chronic homelessness by addressing mental illness, substance abuse and other conditions that contribute to the struggle some veterans have in maintaining adequate housing for themselves and their families. After meeting Georgia HUD VASH eligibility requirements, the veteran is assigned a VA case manager who serves as a liaison between him or her, his or her landlord and the local Public Housing Authority (PHA) responsible for issuing the HUD vouchers. Having a liaison is a clear HUD-VASH benefit for veterans who struggle with social interactions due to PTSD, traumatic brain injury or other service-related issues.

Another benefit of HUD VASH is its flexibility. Although participation does require a commitment to the items listed in the section below, HUD-VASH does not require a set period of sobriety to qualify for housing. HUD VASH benefits allow veterans to choose their own house or apartment, as long as the unit meets PHA cost and quality standards. The VA also permits HUD housing program participants to live beyond the immediate area of their VA case manager, which provides homeless veterans with more housing choices.

Finally, participants in this HUD housing program for veterans may remain in the program as long as needed or until their VA case manager determines that services are no longer required, as applicants are recertified annually. HUD housing program agents conduct annual property inspections to ensure that the home remains safe and sanitary. Find out more about what housing benefits are available to qualified veterans in Georgia by reviewing the comprehensive information in our free guide.

HUD VASH Eligibility in Georgia

The Georgia HUD VASH application process ensures that the applying veteran meets the eligibility requirements set by the VA and the PHA. Veterans eligible for HUD VASH benefits must first meet the definition of homelessness outlined in the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act. HUD VASH eligibility includes the following:

  • Verifying the need for assistance due to an applicable condition
  • Having an income within the PHA threshold
  • Being capable of daily independent living
  • Being able to honor lease terms
  • Being able to pay financial responsibilities
  • Being a veteran or in living in a household with a qualified former service member

The only way that an otherwise-qualifying veteran can be excluded from this HUD housing program is if any adult member of the veteran’s family is on the Lifetime Sexual Offender Registry. Download our comprehensive guide of in-depth information about qualifying for HUD-VASH assistance.

How to Apply for HUD VASH

Veterans often learn how to apply for HUD VASH when they first hear of the program during a meeting with their VA clinician or a local community service provider. Veterans not already connected to a VA clinician can begin the HUD VASH application process by contacting a Homeless Coordinator in person at a local VA Medical Center. Additionally, veterans may request HUD VASH benefit information any time of the day or night by calling the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans.

After completing a VA screening for HUD VASH eligibility, the VA will approve or decline each application. If approved, then you will be given a written referral to take to your local PHA. On behalf of the HUD housing program, the PHA will conduct its screening for participation and let you know if there are housing units available. Since HUD only provides each county in Georgia with a limited number of HUD VASH vouchers, you may have to put your name on a waiting list until another housing unit comes available.