Careers That Are On The Rise

For both students and adults, picking a career is very difficult. Naturally, workers want something that is interesting to them, but at the same time, they also have to take into account what sorts of jobs are available in the state. Many students make the mistake of picking very specialized degrees that have few career opportunities associated in Georgia. This forces the student to either accept work in a completely different field, or he or she has to move out Continue Reading

Paying Back Your Student Loans

For the majority of students, paying for college is a very difficult process. Even with scholarships and grants, most students have to take out a student loan in order to pay for school. Unfortunately, paying back student loans is very difficult. Many students end up owing money on their college loans for years after they graduate from college. It often feels like students are unable to get away from their student loans, especially when the loans keep accumulating interest. Continue Reading

Effective Home Health Remedies

Everyday illnesses such as sunburn, bites and nasal congestion are frustrating and can occur all too commonly. The good news is that while home remedies cannot supplant conventional medicinal treatments, there are homemade treatments which can be effectively used to treat these low-level illnesses. The benefits of using home remedies are multiple. First, making use of ingredients that you already have in your home could be more cost effective than paying for a prescription. Next, if used Continue Reading

Lifeline Program Enrollment

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) operates the Lifeline Program, a government program which can provide you with free monthly telephone service if you cannot afford it due to earning a low income. The Lifeline Program is also known as the Obama Phones Program, because cellphone benefits through Lifeline became popular during the Obama administration. However, landline phone benefits through the Lifeline Program have existed since the Reagan Administration established the program in 1985. In order to qualify for LifelineContinue Reading

Auto Insurance Increases

Auto insurance rates are determined by many sets of data that provide insurance agencies with information about drivers of certain ages, genders, those living in certain areas of the country and driver behavior. Car insurance companies create complex algorithms that allow them to make educated guesses on how likely an applicant will be to file a claim, in other words, how likely you will be to get into an accident.Continue Reading

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