Benefits of Direct Deposit

Instead of waiting to receive your benefits by mail, you can easily and quickly receive access to SNAP or unemployment funds by utilizing direct deposit. Direct deposit is a method of electronic transfer that delivers your benefits to your account. This is helpful for government benefit recipients because your funds are delivered directly to your account, and you will be immediately alerted when your funds are available.

Why switch to direct deposit?

Paper checks are much less reliable than direct deposit. With checks, mailing delays, clerical errors and processing times all impact your funds’ availability. Furthermore, a paper document could be compromised much more easily than an electronic transfer that is secure. Adding to the inconvenience, when visiting a bank with a paper check, you will pay processing fees if you do not have an account. Additionally, you may experience processing wait times of one to five days to receive your funds. Neither of these drawbacks exist with direct deposit.

How can I setup my direct deposit?

If you are ready to set up direct deposit, you can sign up online or submit your information using a paper form. You will need your bank routing number, which you can find printed on a check, or you can contact your banking institution to receive this number. Your individual account number must also be provided. This number can be found on a check or your banking statement. If you utilize online banking, you can easily obtain this information through your account portal. Many times, when establishing direct deposit, you must also provide a void check to verify ownership of the account. No one else can establish direct deposit in your name because this would breach security measures meant to keep your information and funds safe.