Earn Extra Cash Fast Without a Full-Time Job

You’ve heard the saying, “Hard work pays off,” but what if you could get paid for simple, easy-to-complete tasks right from your home? People around the country are earning extra cash with these time-tested methods. Discover three ways to enhance your monthly earnings fast and without a single graveyard shift.

  1. Paid Surveys

    Do you love sharing your favorite products with family and friends? Taking paid online surveys is an excellent way to monetize your hobby. Companies look for people who are willing to provide information on their use of particular products and services. Additionally, you can take surveys on your shopping, entertainment and driving habits. Surveys take anywhere from two minutes to 30 minutes to complete. Most companies allow you to complete surveys on your smartphone so you can earn cash any time you have an extra moment.

  2. Passive Income

    Are you a shopper who loves to save? Now there are apps dedicated to helping shoppers save or even make money on their online purchases. All you have to do is download the app to your smartphone, enter the required information and get to saving. Here are three great picks to choose from:

    • Earny covers the legwork of price protection. After you download the app, you give it permission to access your price-protected credit card and email account. This is because the app monitors your email receipts from participating online vendors and scans the items you bought. If it detects a price drop, it automatically requests a refund for the price difference and deposits the money back onto your card.
    • Ibotta gives couponers quick cash back. The app displays offers available with participating retailers along with the amounts you can receive in cash back. You select the offer, and guidelines for receiving your money will appear. This can include writing a review on the product or taking a brief survey. Then, you upload a picture of your receipt with the barcode visible, and your money will be deposited via PayPal after every $5 you receive.
    • ShopTracker pays you for your Amazon purchases. Part of Harris Poll, ShopTracker asks members to take a monthly survey on their Amazon shopping habits and to share their order history, while (of course) respecting private information. Users get $3 for every survey they take.
  3. Media Panels

    Traditional ratings are no longer the only method that media companies use to measure the success of TV shows or films. In our digital economy, people spend time watching shows, playing games and engaging with ads on a variety of platforms. From laptops to smartphones, consumers are helping to share what content is available with every click. You can be a part of revolutionizing the entertainment industry and get paid for your contributions as a media panelist.

    Media panelists are paid a weekly, monthly or yearly fee to install apps or software. Then companies monitor the sites they visit, the games they play and the shows they watch. These insights help them understand how, when and what today’s audiences value from entertainment providers. This data is crucial in eliminating media that is not performing well for particular audiences. Wouldn’t you like to see less of the content that feels like a waste of time? Even better, you can earn $50 to $185 a year just for installing an app!

    To sign up, you typically need to answer questions about your media consumption including what kinds of shows you watch, the last movie you saw in theaters and how often you play online games. This information helps companies to decide what metrics to use when collecting data. You can choose what devices to use for monitoring, depending on your comfort level and frequency of use. If you usually watch all your media on your laptop, it is best to find a company that works with this device instead of your TV or smartphone.

    Do your research on each company you want to work with before signing up. You want to be certain that other users have positively reviewed the apps you intend to install to ensure your device’s safety and to avoid any security breaches or computer viruses. Many of the most popular sites are very reliable, and you can start earning funds in a matter of days!