Government Grant Programs

Are you a homeowner who needs vital home repairs, a student in need of support for your education, or a retired veteran in need of assistance? In every case, there are grants available to assist you. Grants are provided funds that are not paid back, and they can support you in achieving goals. Grants can prevent financial strain and help you gain access to necessary resources. However, the states have established various requirements that govern grants and those who receive them. Before you apply, you must understand the guidelines, deadlines and responsibilities associated with your grant program of choice.

Criteria to Qualify for Grants

Each grant program has unique eligibility criteria. For grants to help you improve your home, you must verify that you own the home and have a household income below 50 percent of the average income of those in your state, among other requirements.

To qualify for educational grants through the state, you must be enrolled in college. Additionally, you must file your Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) and have a particular GPA designated by the program. Some age and income restrictions may apply.

As a U.S. veteran, you have access to many grant programs that provide education, health care and housing services. You must provide verification of service, income information and a range of other documents to qualify.

Applying for a Government Grant

When you decide you are ready to apply, you must be able to complete the necessary application in full. Some grant applications require a written statement. You should not begin your grant application until you are certain you have enough time and information to fill it out. Be prepared by having all of your documents on hand when working through the questions.