What is rent assistance?

Individuals and families who cannot afford the rising costs of housing can receive benefits to reduce their housing expenses or free housing through several programs. Many private rental companies work with the Housing and Urban Development Department to offer apartment homes at a reduced rate. The states also offer rental units that are designated for low-income families and Section 8 housing for residents who cannot afford to make rental payments on their own.

Who can benefit from rent assistance?

There is a variety of requirements to keep in mind when applying for rental assistance. You must provide proof of residency, citizenship or legal status, and income. For each rental assistance program, the income restrictions are different. Typically, your income level must fall between 50 percent and 30 percent below the national average income in order for you to be considered low-income and qualify for rental assistance. When deciding if you qualify for rental assistance, consider your household size, the age of those in your household and any other government benefits you currently receive. You can receive several different kinds of government assistance at once.

How do I apply for rent assistance?

Once you determine you are eligible to apply, you can begin gathering the documentation necessary to complete your application. You can apply for rental assistance in several different ways, including online, at your local public housing agency or at various approved rental management offices. Please note that you should apply as soon as you need housing assistance. The sooner you apply, the faster you will be able to obtain housing. Many programs have waiting lists of qualified applicants. However, keep in mind that you will receive the assistance you need as soon as it is available in your location.