Senior Apartments

The U.S. provides several options for safe, affordable housing for residents 55 years of age and older. Seniors have access to subsidized housing (housing that is designated at a lower, fixed monthly rate), as well as Section 8 and affordable housing complexes. Some multi-family living spaces are dedicated solely to senior citizens.

Different Senior Housing Options

Subsidized apartments are private complexes that work with the Housing and Urban Development Department to offer some units at affordable rates. Generally, this kind of housing protects you from increases in rent so that you can continue to afford your apartment. Some complexes are operated through the Public Housing Authority and are only for low-income residents. Seniors can apply and receive access to affordable housing, so long as they meet income requirements. Similarly, Section 8 housing is also provided by the Public Housing Authority and can provide extremely low rent and rent vouchers to seniors in need. Section 8 housing can prevent seniors from experiencing homelessness.

Who qualifies for senior housing?

You can qualify for affordable senior housing if you are 55 years of age or older and are considered low-income. Being considered low-income is based on your monthly earnings. If you receive Social Security benefits, SNAP benefits or participate in another kind of government assistance program, you are considered low-income and can apply for senior housing.

How do I apply for senior housing?

To apply for senior apartment housing, you can complete an application online or in person at your local Public Housing Authority office. You will need to provide documentation of your age with an ID, Social Security card or birth certificate. Income information that proves your status as low-income is also required. You can use pay stubs, proof of other government benefits or tax returns to verify income.