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How Debt Relief Can Help You

If you are currently deep in debt and struggling to get out, the first thing you must know is that you have several debt relief options at your disposal. By taking advantage of one or more of those options, you may be able to reduce the amount you have to pay towards your debt each month, or even eliminate some of your bills entirely. Below is a brief overview of several of the best debt relief options available.

Personal Debt Relief: There are several personal debt relief practices you can undertake to reduce your debt or make it easier to pay off. First, you must create a budget. A budget will help you determine exactly how much money you can afford to pay toward your existing debts each month. Once you have that figure, you can use the information to negotiate with representatives of organizations like credit card companies. Contact your creditors quickly when your financial situation changes and you have a plan for how to repay them.

Debt Relief Services: Another option you have to reduce your debt is to use debt relief services. One such service is the service offered by a debt settlement company. A debt settlement company will offer to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to reduce the total amounts owed to them. However, you may be required to transfer money to a specific bank account up front to cover those negotiation services

Debt Consolidation: Another form of debt relief is consolidation. Consolidation is a process in which multiple debts can be paid off quickly. One of the most common ways to consolidate debt is to access the equity in your home. Taking out a home equity line of credit or mortgage can give you the cash needed to pay off many, or all, of your other debts right away. However, doing so will leave you with a substantial debt to pay.

Declaring Bankruptcy: Another debt relief option you have is declaring bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy can allow you to liquidate any assets you have. The money you receive from that process can be used to pay back debts you owe.

Housing Assistance Grants

Housing assistance grants might be an option that can help you with a home purchase or with the renovations necessary for your home. These grants are designed to support current and potential homeowners in an effort to build a strong real estate market in the United States. If you qualify for one of these grants, you can take advantage of the opportunity for financial support from the government. Government grants are available to first-time homebuyers, to families, to seniors and to other categories of individuals and families in order to be able to afford the costs of homeownership.

The U.S. government awards grants to qualified individuals and organizations in an effort to improve the public good and to stimulate the economy, so your eligibility for a housing assistance grant is considered based on your future potential as a homeowner. Grants are different from loans in that loans must be repaid, typically with additional interest as well. Housing assistance grants and loans are primarily distributed and managed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). You will also find locally-specific housing assistance opportunities through your state government and local county government offices. Grants are often awarded from the federal level down to the state or even local level to be handled locally.

Benefits of Shopping with Coupons

Shopping with coupons can help you to save big on your regular purchases. Coupons should be used on items that you will always need and that will not go bad, those types of purchases with coupons can yield great savings. Consider buying the following types of products with coupons whenever you can:

  • Paper products, like toilet paper and paper towels
  • Household supplies, like laundry detergent and dishwashing soap
  • Nonperishable items, such as canned goods
  • Foods with a longer shelf life, such as cereals

If you are diligent with your couponing and with your shopping, you can stock up on those types of products whenever they are offered at a discount and then you do not have to buy more at full price for a while.
When you shop with coupons, you should only buy what you normally buy anyway, so that you are saving money on items that you will actually use.

Tips For Purchasing the Health Insurance Through The Marketplace

In the state of Georgia, some health insurance companies will not offer individual coverage in the coming year. Utilize the Health Insurance Marketplace to find providers that will offer assistance in paying monthly premiums and lower deductibles. The Marketplace is tailored to your particular state, income level, household size, and healthcare needs. You can find insurance that meets the minimum federal requirements with’s helpful tips.

  • Understand Income Requirements: The Marketplace relies on your anticipated income for the upcoming coverage year. Before you apply, you should take stock of any changes to employment status, work or living arrangements that will impact your monthly earnings. To calculate your expected household income, you must consider earnings from all working members of your household. If you anticipate a change to the number of dependents you will claim on your taxes for the next year, you should account for these changes when filling out your application.
  • Types of Plans Available: There are several kinds of plans available in Georgia that dictate how many hospital and physician options you have when seeking care. Some plans include vision and dental, whereas others ask that you add on this coverage for an additional cost. Typically, HMO plans restrict your available doctors and hospitals to those inside a designated network. This is a great choice to save money and to gain the best access to your benefits. PPO plans may allow you to see a specialist or go to a hospital outside your network, and still use your copay amount; however, you could pay more or not receive access to certain benefits.